Our eight campsites are nestled in the woodlands, beside the Angelina National Forest. We provide water and electric hookups with horse pens at each campsite. For a map of the campgrounds click here.

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Covered pinic area with shower and restroom.

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Make Reservations:

Like to go camping at Angelina Double Heart Horse Camping, all you need to do is pick a date, campsite, and give Tammy a call at (409) 489-6015 or email

Map to and of Angelina Double Heart Horse Camping

Fill out this form to request a campsite reservation and hit send on the form. You must get confirmation from Tammy to insure reservation/s.

 RATES: $25 per night for one campsite. 
Rate subject to change without notice.
Coggins Checked on Arrival.


Angelina Forest holds a wide range of good old horse riding fun with winding trails, creeks to cross, hills to climb and descend, and wildlife to observe from the saddle.  These trails have been marked by past rides for other riders. There are many trails to explore. If you are really adventurous you can explore miles of unmarked trails.

 The Forest Service does not have designated trails and does not maintain these trails, and it is ride at your own risk.

 That being said, we have some of the most beautiful, fun trails in southeast Texas!  Ebenezer Park is a fun days ride from here and is one of the many trails to choose from.

Tammy, Marty, Jackie and Ennis

Looking for more specialized facility. MT Ranch, owned by Tammy and Marty Ellis, is next door.  They are a full service horse facility offering boarding, lessons, and obstacle training. Call (409) 489-6015 for more information.